Welcome to Krystal Solutions Limited.

Krystal Solutions Limited supplies qualified Healthcare Assistants and Social Workers to a range of clients and institutions, including Nursing Homes, Care Homes and private residence. Our Carers are supplied for short ad hoc or temporary positions, or for longer-term contracts, working both full and part-time hours.

Krystal Solutions Limited was founded with the objective of helping health care facilities with their short and long term staffing needs. Our paramount goal is to assist these institutions in providing their patients and residents with compassionate, competent, and professional care. Since its inception, Krystal Solutions Limited has been devoted to upgrading the quality of Carers available to our clients. We ensure that they get the specialist they need, when they need them.

When you contract with Krystal Solutions Limited,you are hiring a ready-made team of health care professionals who are happy to meet staffing challenges head-on.

We also offer training services to fresher’s, we train them monthly on an intensive 2-3days course in Foundation to Care, we expose them to the Care world and all that is required to be a successful Carer. At the end of the training, they are sent on a free week placement with a care home where they practice everything that has been thought during their training with us.

Keys To Our Success

  • Maintaining a reputable and untarnished reputation in the community
  • Quality care
  • Competitive pricing
  • Flexible hours

Home Care Worker
The primary function of our Home Care Worker is to provide personal care and assistance with the activities of daily living (ADL), such as:

  • Personal Care-bathing assistance, assistance with dressing, and assistance with grooming
  •  Light housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Meal Preparation, including shopping and assistance with meal planning
  • Errands or Transportation
  • Companionship – available 24 hours a day, if needed

Our Carers must go through our extensive training programme before they work with our clients. They are additionally required to attend ongoing training to keep them up-to-date on procedures and skills.

We can also provide:

  • Personal Emergency Response Systems (installation and monitoring)
  • Automatic medication dispensing systems
  • State of the art personal monitoring technology

These systems are designed to provide independence to seniors, and peace of mind to their loved ones.

Other Services
The Krystal Solutions Care can organize a complete Plan of Care for you. When you or a family member are affected by advanced age, have a temporary or long-term physical or mental disability, or are simply recovering from surgery or an illness, We can design a programme to meet your specific needs. Depending on your situation, we provide services to enhance quality of life, such as:

  • Home Care Workers
  • Registered Nurses
  • Licensed Practical / Vocational Nurses

Aids to daily living
An aids-to-daily-living (ADL) product is any product that helps persons with temporary or permanent disabilities perform everyday activities such as bathing, eating, and dressing. Some of the ADL product categories are:

  • Dressing aids
  • Reachers, grabbers, and knobs
  • Medicine dropper and spoons
  • Reading accessories
  • Bathroom products (raised toilet seats, shower stools, hand-held showers, etc.)
  • Transfer benches
  • Eating utensils
  • Grab bars and safety rails
  • Pill crushers and cutters
  • Playing cards and accessories
  • Bedroom products (beds, overbed tables, pads, etc.)
  • Step stools