• Do you need help making your business idea successful?
  • Do you have a great idea for a business and are wondering what to do next?

We can help you with

·         Business consultancy and advice
·         Evaluation of business idea / opportunity / franchise
·         Business start-up advice
·         Business plan writing
·         Marketing strategy – business to consumers / business to business ·         Sales strategy
·         Internet business advice

Our mentoring events have the purpose to enhance the lives of men, boys, girls and women all over the world who have the desire to discover their purpose in life, their abilities and skills and use them for their benefit. These events have the final aim to help people find and build their strengths and move beyond any limitation.

Areas we cover in our meetings/events
·         Why are you born – Discovering who you are
·         Why have you come to the land you are in – Understanding your locations and the opportunities therein
·         What do you like doing – Getting to know your skills and abilities
·         What motivates you – Having an understanding of areas to focus on in terms of packaging the skills and abilities
·         Can you see the future – Understanding the importance of sight
·         Opportunities and how to take advantage of them
·         And much more!!!

How does these events benefit you?

• You will gain a higher understanding of who you are and how you function in order to be able to take advantage of your skills for your own benefit and for the benefit of those around you. You will be able to take your life, your future and destiny in your own hands and be fully aware of things you can do to change your estate.

The program starts with a one-to-one session followed by a group coaching session, but with time our events will involve a variety of workshops, field trips in and around UK.

People who are admitted are required:

·         To be committed about personal development and growth and can commit time into any meeting scheduled
·         Willing to learn and open to receiving feedback.

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